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The perfect time for the harvest

But how can we determine the perfect time for the harvest?

There are several parameters that are used to analyze the degree of ripeness of grapes:

↪️ The degree of sugar: usually expressed in degrees Brix (°Bx), Baumè (Bè), Babo degrees (°Babo or Kmw) or Oechsle (Oe). To measure this parameter, we use the refractometer, which detects the change in the angle of refraction of the wort, or the mostimeter, which measures the density.

↪️ Total acidity: represents the sum of the titratable acidities, calculated when the pH is raised to 7 by adding a titrated alkaline solution.

🍇 There are many aspects that contribute to the identification of the ideal time for the harvest. These parameters provide us with a fascinating and not random guide to ensure the best possible quality for our valuable product.


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