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We are now the fourth generation of Stroppiana winemakers; the family estate was founded halfway through the twentieth century.
During the 1950s and 60s, our great-grandparents, followed by our grandparents, began purchasing the estate’s first agricultural parcels in La Morra and Bussia in Monforte d’Alba. At the beginning, like most local farmers, our grape harvest was mainly sold to other winemakers. A small portion was made into wine for family use.

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La Morra meets Monforte 

The Stroppiana estate began in Rivalta, in the township of La Morra, a small village in the heart of the Barolo area. However, its origins are rooted in two very important townships in the Barolo area:: La Morra and  Monforte d’Alba. 
Dario, our father, was born and grew up in La Morra, while our mother Stefania came from Bussia, a small village in the township of Monforte d’Alba. Both came from farming and winemaking families.

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Our great-grandfather Giuseppe, who was nicknamed “Pin”, founded the estate, along with our grandfather Oreste. Giuseppe was originally from Liguria and moved to the Langhe area when his daughter Rosa married Oreste. At that time, Oreste was a property agent.Occasionally, this provided him with an opportunity to buy good agricultural land, on which he then planted vineyards and hazelnut groves. Thus Giuseppe and his son-in-law Oreste worked the land together, growing grapes and making a little wine for themselves. Our father Dario was born in 1960. He was close to his great-grandfather Pin and became attached to both his grandfather’s way of life and to the profession of winemaker. He worked at his great-grandfather’s side in the vineyards as well as in the cellar. The pace picked up however, when Dario attended the school of oenology in Alba. He polished his skills and put them immediately to work in the family business.




Our grandparents and Stefania’s parents, Cesare and Emilia, had always been winegrowers. They devoted their lives first of all to raising their family, but they also tended their vines as if they too were part of the family. Their parents, Lucia and Giovanni, Teresa and Francesco, owned vineyards and hazelnut groves in Bussia, in Monforte, and in Sinio. Both Cesare and Emilia had always lent a hand on the family farm. With the passing of time, they grew to love and cherish the work that had begun as a duty. Together they raised their family and worked the estate. With considerable sacrifice they managed to invest in land in Bussia, one of the most celebrated crus within the Barolo territory. Like Dario, Stefania had always helped out in the family enterprise. However, early on as a teenager, she had also developed a keen interest in the profession of nursing. Her commitment to nursing, however, did not prevent her from continuing to work in the family business between hospital shifts.




Officially, we both began working for the estate in 2015, but like Dario and Stefania, we have always helped in the running of the family enterprise. From when we were small, we went to the vineyard to play while our parents worked. A little at a time, the play turned into work, but it was definitely not love at first sight. Our love for it grew as we became more and more aware of the opportunities that this profession offered. Our parents have never obliged us to follow in their footsteps; they encouraged us to pursue our studies and gain work experience elsewhere. Only then did we decide to put both to use in the family business. In 2017, we took over the estate and formally became the proprietors of the cellar.






Our father is somewhat of a pessimist and still has a hard time stepping aside and leaving us in the driving seat. He worked in the vineyards with his grandfather from when he was a child, and of course, attended the oenological School in Alba, where he learned the essentials of winemaking. Hence anything to do with driving a tractor is his business. He's a really practical person and if anything breaks, Dario's the one who knows how to fix it. He has three great passions: the vineyard, the Langhe and the game of football. All three have contributed to his careful and attentive approach to both the vineyard and cantina. He respects his origins, the territory, his team and people in general. Once a week he's on the playing field for a game of football with his forever friends, despite his ‘venerable’ age.



The administrator"

Stefania tries to leave decision-making to others, but she likes to have things in hand and is compelled to make sure that all goes according to plan.  We appreciate her efforts!!

She has a decisive character, sometimes a little too decisive. Sometimes we wonder if our father didn't marry her for her vineyards in Bussia…

Of course we're joking. She is quite tough, but good-hearted and important to all of us. Stefania looks after administration, but supports us everywhere: hospitality, sales and also in the vineyards. She loves winter pruning. She thinks that no one outside the family should be entrusted with this job.



The ambitious one

I am ambitious! My goal is to make the Cantina Stroppiana internationally recognised as one of the best Barolo and wine producers in the Langhe…I told you I was ambitious… 

At the same time, my natural habitat is in the cellar, hidden among the barrels. I have very clear ideas about the kind of wines we should make and I aim for excellence and quality, even if sometimes it causes differences of opinion within the family. When I’m not busy racking, do you know where I am? 

Travelling around the world selling our wines, or, in the gym working out; the little free time I have, I like to spend doing sports.



The positive one

Working in the vineyards gives me a great sense of calm and serenity. I love nature and the Langhe territory.

This is the reason that I decided to personally take on managing the agricultural aspects of the estate. I don't like being the centre of attention, but I have no difficulty in taking on responsibility at work. I am a positive, cheerful person, but at the same time, not given to diplomacy. This can cause lively confrontations with my brother, but despite this, we always maintain the greatest respect for one another. 

My goal is to build the estate, but most important of all, it is to achieve this together with Leonardo.

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