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We work for what we love and love the work we do.

This estate is the essence of the Stroppiana family, as well as its history, its present and its future. Our families, especially the past generations, grew up unconditionally loving their work, despite the sacrifices and effort. They have passed on to us their respect for tradition, their enthusiasm and care for our vineyards, and their attention to the winemaking process.


The source of quality wine is in the land that produces the grapes.

Great wines are born in the vineyard. Our main objective is to care for our vineyards ourselves, by hand, meticulously respecting the soil, the environment, the consumer and also ourselves. Really knowing the soil, the climate and each grape variety is essential to understanding how they influence wine quality. Our estate is sustainable because we use targeted treatments and have completely given up the use of herbicides and insecticides.

For us, the cellar is about development and respect.

It is essential to respect the nature of the grapes. Our goal is to preserve and celebrate the quality and singular characteristics of each grape variety and these originate in the soil and in each individual vineyard. This is the reason we crush our grapes very gently and ferment them at controlled temperatures, so as to preserve the characteristics of the grape variety.

Elevage is carried out in tonneaux and large casks so as to preserve aromas.

This is an essential process; the wood should emphasise what we have obtained naturally and not cover it up.

Tradition and love for the land, hand in hand with progress

and innovation.

Continuity, tradition and love of the land are the hallmarks of our estate, but equally, so are progress and innovation. Our role is to find the right balance of old and new; tradition teaches us to understand the job at hand and the sense of duty and responsibility, but progress brings movement and change. In the historic Barolo and Langhe area this can only add value.

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